Frequently Asked Questions

One-on-one interviews – what you need to know.

Preparing for the interviews

Why are the interviews taking place in our house?

We believe that you can talk about your own situations, requirements and experiences unencumbered when you are comfortable in your own surroundings. We want you to be relaxed and have a casual chat, and we believe the best way to accomplish this is where you feel the most comfortable – in your own home. Additionally, this also puts any other content or details available to you if, for some reason, there is a need to refer to anything as the conversation progresses.

Is there anything I need to do to my house to prepare?

All we ask is for a quiet place where we can have the interview uninterrupted for the duration of the interview.  This could be at a kitchen or dining room table, on the sofa in the den or any room where other family members won’t be tempted to join in on the conversation.

Do I need to provide food or other refreshments for the interviewers?

You are under no obligation, and there is no expectation that you would provide any food, drinks or anything else for the interviewers. Our goal is to have an engaging conversation, and not to be intrusive in your home. Please do not spend any time preparing any refreshments or feel you need to cater to the interviewers in this way.

What if I need to reschedule my interview?

We know that your plans can change, and we will do our best to accommodate any rescheduling that you may need to make.  We would appreciate as much notice as possible, especially since we usually have a number of interviews for our interviewers in any given day.  If it is not possible to find you another available slot to fit your schedule and those of our interviewers, we will certainly keep you in mind for our future research needs.  To reschedule, please send us an email using the form below, or directly to:

After the interviews

How do I get paid for the interview?

Following the interview, there will be a short exit survey you will be asked to complete (it shouldn’t take you more than 3-5 mins to complete), after which we will send you your Amazon giftcard to your preferred email address.  If you prefer to have a giftcard from another retailer, we would be happy to try and accommodate your request. Please just let your interviewer know on the day of your interview.


Will I find out what happens to any product or service that we discuss during the interview?

While we definitely appreciate your interest, we are not able to share any results or reveal any changes that could or will be made in the future. That said, as a customer or former customer, it is very likely you will see the changes implemented and be invited to participate in any products that come to market.

During the interviews

Who will be coming to my house?

We typically have two interviewers join in on each of the sessions. This allows us to both engage in conversation on multiple fronts and ensure that we are taking notes and paying attention at the same time.  Occasionally, there may be an adding person who might attend purely as an observer, but we would clear this with you ahead of time if there is the possibility of this happening.

What if my family is still in the house?

We understand that it is often difficult to make arrangements for your family members to vacate the house, and we don’t think that it is necessary to have them do so.  We just ask that you try and remove yourself from the responsibility of any caretaking requirements during the session to the best of your abilities.  We know that this is not always 100% possible, and we will be flexible in the interview to accommodate some level of such requirements, but we ask that you try and keep it to an absolute minimum if at all possible.

I was told that the session would be recorded, what does this mean?

We will be video recording the session. These videos are primarily for the purposes of ensuring we capture all of the detail of the interview and can easily review what we covered and completeness of your responses.  On the rare occasion, we may find it useful to use some small clips from the recordings for demonstrating and bringing to life the insights you have shared. If this opportunity arises, we would obtain your permission for using the clips before we were to do so.

Is everything I say confidential?

Yes, everything you share with us is confidential. If we would like to use any of the video recording portions for internal use or external use, we would expressly gain your consent prior to using that portion of the recorded conversation.

If you have question, please get in touch:

(781) 691-4488

36 Harper Cir, Suite 800 Marlborough, MA 01752